The Texting Game

So, I met this guy in Bangkok. We had a fun couple of days and then we both went our respective ways. This time though, we did exchange phone-numbers. Sweet victory, baby steps and all that. Go me. I went to Cambodia and he went to Vietnam. 

Getting the phone number was a small step for mankind but a big one for me. I didn’t look past the point of obtaining it. So now what the fuck do I do with it? The last time I flirty conversed with a guy after, you know, beer and sex, was when you still had to pay the mother load per text message. I feel so out of my league here. 

Sure, I know how to app. I’ve worked in social media for chrissakes. I also have no fucking issues with multi texting. Oh, boy, I’ll hit that enter like it’s nobody’s business. But I have no clue what the current does and don’ts are when it comes to texting that guy you sorta like. 

The fact that I’ve got a local simcard for the first time since I’ve started traveling doesn’t help matters. I’m connected to the internet all the time. Which irrevertably means I compulsively check my telephone all day long. Because I can. Also, maybe he’s sent a message in the three minutes that I didn’t check my phone? 

Thanks, whatsapp for integrating the checks and thus driving me slowly insane. Ah, this guy got my last message. But he hasn’t opened it yet. Or, worse he DID read it but hasn’t replied yet. I can’t help but wonder about the old adage from SatC; where Miranda walks up to a couple of girls and says “he’s just not that into you” when she hears them over-analyzing the communications of some guy. Maybe it’s just that. 

On the other hand, I don’t want to spend my last months traveling in Asia being super invested, being on my phone 24/7 and missing out on other experiences. So, maybe it’s that for him aswell? I guess I could ask him point blanc – but that’s a step too far. Also it ruins the game. Yes, I realize this makes me come across like a teenager, which I guess I still am when it comes to boys. 


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