The hostel life

Hostels… Sometimes you love ’em and sometimes not so much. After two months of traveling I’ve seen a lot of them, obviously. The best, worst and weirdest of Malaysia were all located in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur strangely enough. 

The absolute best is Mingle hostel in Kuala Lumpur. The price verged on the edge of backpacking and flashpacking, with a whopping €11 a night for a dorm. This does include the most awesome shower, bed, location, staff, breakfast and decor – so well worth it. Actually, as I’m writing this I’m staying there for the second time. There’s a big power-outage today – so free beers before they get warm. You won’t hear me complaining about the WiFi being down! 

The worst was the Rainforest hotel, also in Chinatown. The hotel and amenities were nice and clean. The price was actually really decent, €6 a night for a dorm bed. The dorm itself was horrible, unclean and damp, and for some reason it had no door at all. It was a 12 bed dorm with four fans and two aircons. One of each worked. I shared this dorm with 11 middle aged Asian guys – one of whom asked me if I could please wear pants to bed. Eh, no – book a private room next time. 

The weirdest I paid for was Agosto. When I checked in I had to read the house rules and sign as if it were a binding contract. In the dorms there was to be ab-so-lutely no eating, drinking, kissing, sexing, music or talking. Or, as the marine called it, the no-fun hostel. I guess my backpack behaved during those two nights, as I had no complaints about it when I picked it up. 


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