Hello there, marine!

It’s the new time fairy-tale. Guy sees girl in a thrift shop. Doesn’t talk to her. Guy sees the same girl hiding from the rain at a bar. She’s reading a book. Sort of. Both nurse their beer – because god knows how long this rain will last (and how much it’s going to cost you when drinking at a normal pace). 

The girl notices the guy too. But as he’s obviously waiting for someone she decides he must be waiting for his other half. So she continues reading this book. Every once in a while she glances up and it’s sort of reassuring to see that he’s still there – and still alone. At one point he’s joined by a group of men. 

Ah well, guess I was wrong there, ey? When my beer is done – and it’s finally stopped raining I decide that it’s a good thing to go get some food. The group of guys is still sitting there – but that one guy asks if I want to join them. Sure! 

Turns out they’re all in the navy, and on shore-leave. As I drink more and eat nothing these guys are getting Irene full-on. And, as it’s easy to roast my navy-man (who’s the only single one or so it seems) that’s what I do. I guess the world is still in kindergarten when it comes to letting a guy know you’re into him. Or maybe that’s just me. 

Obviously as the beers progress my burns get worse. Apparently a bapao wasn’t sufficient nutrition. One of the guys is on a mission to drink all the beers on the menu (there were just 10) – and he keeps whispering that “you’re my favorite.” Favorite what!? Couldn’t get a straight answer out of that guy.

At some point they all leave and it’s just me and my marine. He says he’s wanted to talk to me all afternoon, but I was reading a book so he didn’t dare (Canadians and their manners). On one of his trips to the toilet he saw I was reading English – so that’s one hurtle down I guess. I replied; the book was just something that happened to be in my bag. Wasn’t really reading it. 

So, flash forward two days… I had to go catch my bus to Melaka and he had to go back to work for one day and then he has two more days in Kuala Lumpur before him and his motley crew ship out again. I happen to find myself in Kuala Lumpur on his last day  – but, will I find him? 


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