A change of pace 

Adjusting to this new Bali took longer than I expected, not in the least by the jet lag that lasted longer than I had hoped for. Guess I’m definitely not in my twenties anymore! 

To be fair, I knew and know Kuta isn’t an amazing place. And now the Russians have showed up too, so I guess that says enough. But it’s a good enough place to get adjusted, let my pale Dutch skin get used to some much needed sunlight. 

After four days though, I had had it. Time to get as far away from this place as possible. So I followed the elderly couple’s example and booked a ticket to Ubud – a place I thought I had never been. Which, as it turns out I have – but never registered as we were on the tourguide’s time.

Just outside of Kuta the Bali I knew and loved started, so awesome! Ubud, unlike what the Negative Nancy at my Kuta hostel tried to convince me of, is nothing like Kuta. Thank god. 

Even managed to find my way to my new hostel which I owe to my mom. Thanks, for teaching me how to read a map. The biggest modern-day traveler’s drama happened, the wifi was down. My lord, the panic. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media we actually had to talk to each-other. 


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